Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anti-Abortion Ad Depicting President Obama as "Angel of Death" Could Be Most Despicable Ever

A ballot measure in Colorado that failed overwhelmingly in 2008 with 73 percent of voter oppositon has been reintroduced by a radical anti-choice group as "Amendment 62" stating "the term 'person' shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being." Even theologians will concede this is a religious, not scientific, definition. The so-called "personhood" amendment prohibits abortion even in cases of rape and incest or to save the mother's life, and puts Big Government in every pregnant woman's bedroom in America to ensure she carries her pregnancy to term. It also bans stem cell research and birth control except for the "barrier method." Ken Buck, TEA PARTY Republican candidate for U.S. senator from Colorado, supports Amendment 62.

As Tea Party insurgency on the Right fuels this anti-choice radicalism, which runs counter to the views of a solid majority of Americans, an ad by the group behind this ballot initiative, Personhood USA, is so revolting in its demonization of President Obama and in shoving its radical agenda in people's faces that it is certain to backfire, drawing more voters to come out in opposition to it and for Democrats. It is hoped that as the President gets set to go on a Western campaign swing, responsible community leaders and politicians in both parties will step forward to condemn this propaganda garbage filled with lies. Anti-choice zealots are among the scariest and most violent extremists around. This is really disgusting.

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