Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quotable, Bill Maher: "A Lot of Americans Are Just Dumb"

Oh, I think it‘s absolutely (the very existence of a black president) that‘s driving these people crazy. When they say they want their country back, that‘s what they mean, really, is they want their country back to the appropriate time when a white person was in the White House. It‘s called the White House. It‘s not hard to figure out. But I think it‘s also just impatience. 

I mean, I don‘t want to cast most Americans as being racist, but I think a lot of them are just dumb. I‘m sorry, but they are. They are clueless about the issues. They don‘t think further than things are not great, let‘s have a change — even though we just had a change two years ago. I mean, they voted for this massive change two years ago. But because it didn‘t immediately start raining $20 bills, they want to go back to the way it was. They remind me of a battered girlfriend, you know, who goes back to the guy who was battering them because, I don‘t know, the new boyfriend forgot their birthday or something?

Bill Maher, on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

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