Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flash: Post-PA Senatorial Debate, Quién Ganó?

Joe Sestak clobbered Pat Toomey. Sestak turned into John Wayne with a PA twang in his admiral navy whites, leading troops into battle, "boy, we had that battle group humming," using all sorts of military slogans, "truth is the first casualty,"etc., tough talk on trying terrorists in civilian courts ("I want them put to death!"), his daughter's brain cancer cured because of his VA healthcare, the patriotic battle cry, "We the People"— be it from a political, substantive, or stylistic approach, Sestak had Toomey sounding punch-drunk admitting he had indeed worked on Wall Street. Even the Sestak retort, "He sounds like my parrot at home" worked ... After all, what's the cartoon sailor's constant pet/companion perched on his shoulder?

Wonder what the post-debate polls will look like. From this corner, to mix a few,  it's game, set, and match; lights out; damn the torpedos, and full speed ahead!                                                              

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