Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ONE Wall Streeter Dumped $300,000 PLUS to BUY Pete DeFazio's Seat In Oregon

Amazing, isn't it Teabaggers? This jackass capitalist, Robert Mercer, who likes to go "through my life without saying anything to anybody," recently sued a contractor for allegedly overcharging him $2 million for a giant model train set in the basement of his Long Island mansion. Seems like a real-life version of Daddy Warbucks all wrapped up in Mr. Potter. This guy is so filthy rich that at a time when folks are losing their homes and being foreclosed on by the millions, his daughter and her husband spent more than $28 million buying six adjoining apartments in one of New York's upscale apartment buildings. Are they going to sit around picking and choosing their apartments' population, like regular folks at the Pet Store picking out the ornamental fish to populate their aquariums?

And what exactly do hedge fund managers do? No one really knows, except that they were mixed up to their eyeballs in our economy's recent meltdown. They do not build or make tangible things. They do not teach history or biology or research a cure for cancer. They're bottom-feeding Wall Street wheeler-dealers who, on a good day, create casino paper wealth by making risky investments and leveraging their funds trading in derivatives and distressed debt. Hedge fund managers were at the forefront, the cusp, of the financial shenanigans that nearly destroyed our economy and sent us tumbling down into this deep recession. So what's Mercer's beef with Pete DeFazio, Democratic Congressman from Oregon's 4th District? As best we can tell, Mercer dislikes DeFazio intensely for railing against Wall Street financiers and supporting a tax on securities trades. You know, the kinds of anti-Wall Street positions the Teabaggers supposedly favor.

Hedge fund managers are rapacious, vampiric, blood-sucking parasites. They skulk around the shadows and are hardly seen. This is an artist's rendition of a sinister anonymous capitalist/hedge fund manager plotting the purchase of the United States Congress:

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