Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yet Another Example of How The Daily Caller Uses Pictures to Slime Its Subjects

The story is a pickup from another site — which does not include the picture — the only way a parasitical, content-leeching site with sparse original material such as the Daily Caller can fill its front page. As with the Jon Stewart-monkey picture, the story itself is “straight news;” the Caller’s sole contribution to it is a farcical illustration of two dudes (it’s ambivalently unclear whether they’re military) embracing in a suggestive way as two uniformed military men look on with what seems disapproval and/or homophobia. This picture totally misrepresents the reality of gays in the military on many levels, but most importantly grossly distorts the news story attached to it.
The distinction the wingnut media has totally erased is one between news and commentary/editorial content. News is news: Straight up. As much as bias is often injected in how news is reported or where the emphasis lies, it’s still the 5-WH: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. As images — pictures, videos, illustrations, photos, and cartoons — are part of that content, to present news with false or distortive images is inappropriate and contrary to accepted standards of journalism.

If the Daily Caller wanted to express an opinion about gays in the military rather than reporting the news, then the illustration above would not be blatantly fudging the image/graphic line between news and commentary. But editorializing news with provocative and racist images is standard MO for this slime-site.

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