Friday, September 17, 2010

Couple of Annoying Examples Why The Media Is Held In Such Low Esteem

Heard on MSNBC -
Norah O’Donnell: “I would be fascinated to see a Senate with Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Joe Miller ... ”

Guest: “Sure. It would be fun for us!”
I would be fascinated to see you start paying your top bracket fair share in taxes instead of picking the pockets of the middle class.

I would be fascinated to see the poverty rates decline.

I would be fascinated to see our children’s future secured by quality healthcare and education, and our Social Security and Medicare secure from right wing extremists.

How about you, Norah? By the way, no relation, right? RIGHT?

Note to Luke ‘The Force Is Not With Me’ Russert: Introducing a puff-piece on John Boeher, you said: “folks on the left tried to define Boehner as a country club Republican and the NYT talked about ties to lobbyists ...”, but he came from a humble background.

Um Luke, so what does Boehner’s humble background prove? (FYI, “folks on the left” don’t need to “define” John Boehner as a country club Republican linked to special interests. These are empirical facts. And Luke, by “left” do you mean your senior colleague Chris Matthews, who has frequently characterized Boehner as a country club Republican?)

Richard Nixon came from humble beginnings and gave us Watergate. FDR was a patrician raised in wealth, privilege, and surrounded by country clubs, who became a champion for the people and one of the three greatest presidents in U.S. history. So Luke, the next time you decide to take a dump on the viewers with a puff-piece short on facts and balance, you might want to get a few pointers on journalistic integrity and contextual research from Rachel Maddow.

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