Thursday, September 16, 2010

The REAL WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST Resides In Arizona And Her Name Is Jan Brewer

As seen on The Blaze:
John Dennis has been called “the longest of long-shot candidates.” This is his first campaign. He told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I thought I’d aim low.” Good aim.
If by that he means STEALING MY MATERIAL I’d say he’s right. Long before this derivative ad made the cable networks rounds for being oh so clever and creative, OUR LITTLE BLOG had already pegged Arizona Governor Jan Brewer THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST. I blogged the story and artwork (below) on April 18 to be exact, and another post with THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST in the title, AGAIN, well before this bit of Republican chicanery on video.

Plus, it makes sense. Regionally, the state of Arizona is certifiably, historically and geographically THE WEST -- not to be confused with liberal SAN FRANCISCO, Baghdad by the Bay, Sodom by the Sea with its metrosexual mayor, thriving gay community, and European-style universal healthcare. All of which makes it one of the rare places in America where the standard of living and QUALITY OF LIFE actually matches the best in the world.

“THE WEST” my ass; San Francisco is WEST COAST. The REAL WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST presides over a RED POLICE STATE, and her name is JAN BREWER.

So wingnuts … STOP STEALING MY MATERIAL! (Grr.) This is why the GOP is called THE PARTY OF NO IDEAS.


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