Monday, September 13, 2010

Wingnut Rag, Daily Caller, Shows Racist Colors

This is the repulsive headline and picture-caption on the right wing rag, Daily Caller, that can barely contain its racist eruptions. A teenie-tiny brainchild of embittered wingnut and MSNBC has-been Tucker Carlson, the Daily Caller is mostly known* for its obsessive-compulsive fixation on progressive media in general and Keith Olbermann in particular.
In its desperately seeking quest for the ephemeral “liberal bias” the Caller hacked and mined J-List, a private Google forums discussion group for some 400 journalists and academics with progressive political views. But the breathless rag‘s 'Page Six'-style gossip and innuendo posts failed to uncover any liberal bias “smoking gun.” Instead, when a Carlson e-mail begging to join the group was published in retaliation (he was denied, for obvious reasons: No Rats Allowed) and it was revealed that one of his reporters was a J-Lister, the wingnut rag quickly ended its broadbrush smear of honest professionals whose members-only private exchanges, though never meant for publication, were not inconsistent with their for-publication work product. It didn’t even rise to the level of a tempest in a Tea Party pot, but spoke volumes of Carlson’s backstabbing character and his team’s sleaziness, as evidenced (above) by the depiction of President Obama as a monkey.

Their obsession with Keith Olbermann has shades of 'Fatal Attraction'. The presumed female assigned the KO beat “because I have to” (uh-huh) linked to a lengthy and rather flattering New Yorker bio of Olbermann because it seemed like the only reference she could find that Keith had once dated wingnut Laura Ingraham. (1) Yawn; (2) If you’re a Lib, I can see it (if you catch my drift); (3) this rather pathetic reporter, whose lame digs at KO and his program lack much substance, seems to have an unusual interest in his dating habits; and (4) Tucker Carlson crapped in his pants with childish antics by purchasing KO’s domain name to link to his publication (hahaha ... um, not working), and behaving like a regular pissant with spiteful and infantile whines re: big bad Keith at MSNBC. Tucker’s got issues, what with all the self-loathing and self-inflicted embarassment.

In brief, the wingnuts are hardly worth the copy, except as a good example of what goes on in their tiny whiny racist minds. (In the wingnut universe, the monkey depicting our President above is supposed to be funny and not offensive.) As their Mama Grizzly likes to say, they’re real “sick puppies.”

*Did I mention sexism.

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