Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Teabagger With COJONES (Not Tea Bags ...)

Here's a gentleman speaking truth to ignorance, stupidity, racism, hatred, bigotry, you know, the MAINSTREAM Faux News demographic of brain-addled rednecks:

Hey, hey, right wingers, as KO said, "ya just got PUNKED!"

To the guy in the video, I salute you, sir.

An aside to Cavuto, Sean "Baby Jesus" Hannity, and the rest of you ignorant guttersnipes: STOP LYING. Don't you know you can't get away with your wingnut bullshit any more?


Lula O said...

That video's awesome! Thanks for sharing. You just made my day.

Lula O said...

Seriously, still laughing about that.

drmagoo said...

Sadly, that guy's lucky he made it out of there alive.

jimbow8 said...

That's awesome.