Monday, April 13, 2009

Donald Payne, Congressman MORON

One day after the successful rescue of Captain Phillips from the Somali pirates who held him hostage, a daring operation by U.S. Special Forces with use of deadly force authorized by President Obama – ONE DAY after this occurred – Congressman Donald Payne of NJ flew into the lion's den in Somalia, according to his spokesperson, because he “felt it was important to go to Mogadishu and see first-hand what was happening there.”

Donny Payne's Excellent (NOT!) Adventure

WHAT? Don't you KNOW, Donny? (This reminds me of that lunatic woman who jumped into a polar bear enclosure, swam gleefully toward the bears and got her ass mauled, barely escaping with her life.)

As if he DIDN'T, the Congressman came under mortar attack. According to Congressman Moron’s spokesperson, "All we know is his plane was fired on and of course we feel it was in retaliation."


"One mortar landed at the airport when Payne's plane was due to fly and five others after he left and no one was hurt," a police officer at Mogadishu airport said.

Here's one of MANY questions for Congressman Moron: What did you get to see “first-hand” that your government doesn't already know … Donny?

We KNOW enough of what’s happening in Somalia not to go there on a lark: it’s a LAWLESS country, Donny … Didn't you know?

Piracy has been a profitable criminal enterprise for these high seas thugs for several years … Did you even KNOW that Somalia is a DANGEROUS failed state, Donny?

Here are a few more BASIC questions for Congressman Donny Payne:

Did you CLEAR your trip to Somalia with the State Department?

Did you get the LATEST briefing from the State or Defense departments on the security situation in Somalia for U.S. citizens prior to entering Somalia?

Based on this imbecile’s rash actions, I’m inclined to believe he did not, because if he did they would certainly have told him DON’T GO or turn his ass back around and get out of there. Now we learn the State Dept. was informed of Payne's ill-advised trip and "discouraged" him from going. That's diplomatese for don't go; get your ass outta there.

When asked whether an escalation of hostilities by the pirates is likely after this successful Navy operation which resulted in three pirates being killed and one taken into custody, a defense analyst said YES. According to the latest news reports Somali pirates “vowed retaliation” for this action and named the U.S. forces their “No. 1 enemy.”


Diplomacy and foreign policy is the province of the executive branch of government, NOT the legislative branch. Just imagine the dire consequences had Congressman Payne gotten himself killed or taken hostage in Mogadishu. What had been a successful rescue operation would have escalated into a MAJOR international incident at a time the President needs to concentrate on the economy and not on a freelance jackass congressman.

Donny, if you’re wondering why the American people hold Congress in such contempt, take a look in the mirror. Those in Congress living entire careers in a Washington glass bubble filled with regal prerogatives and privileges not accessible to regular citizens lose sight of the REAL world. Like Congressman Leo Ryan, who was tragically killed in Jonestown in those horrible events in Guyana, Donny Payne naively seems to believe Congressional prerogatives will somehow protect him in extremely dangerous situations in countries where the rule of law is literally a foreign concept. Donny, you should know better than to drink the Kool-Aid!

MEMO to Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Please strip Congressman Donald Payne of his subcommittee chairmanship. His incredibly bad judgment in pursuing freelance diplomacy in Mogadishu has not only endangered him and those in his entourage, but most of all, our country, by preempting the President's and Secretary of State’s ability to pursue U.S. foreign policy interests.

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