Friday, April 17, 2009


Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) is in a little bit of hot water as of late, after it came out (through amazing detective work, as Burr himself admitted to it) that when the financial crisis first hit last year, he encouraged his wife to take as much cash out of the bank as she could. Well, via the ATM. He wasn't crazy enough to suggest that she, y'know, go to a teller and withdraw money (that's so 1980's anyway). Now, he clearly did this because he saw the risk of financial collapse, had a brain cramp (or was just an idiot) and forgot about the FDIC, but didn't want to represent his constituents any and maybe help them too. Fine. He's an idiotic, selfish, greedy bastard, but we knew that already (hint: he's a Republican). It gets better.

From CNN: But a NRSC spokesman defended the remark, "It's little wonder Americans want to keep their hard earned money away from the grips of Washington."

Because that was the real financial risk, right? It's not that credit was frozen, but that the black man who stole the presidency was also going to go to banks in the middle of the night and take your money away from you. Yegads, these people are stupid.


I'm Not Ned said...

AND he paid the ATM fees! What an idiot!

Carlos said...

This guy's a real "patriot." A senator to call for a run on the banks in the midst of a financial crisis is like yelling "fire!" in a crowded theater.

Is this actionable?