Thursday, April 16, 2009

From The Land of Lincoln: A Shout-Out to Texas Gov. Rick Perry

This is dedicated to our favorite secessionist, Governor Rick Perry of Texas: Congratulations, Ricky … you beat out Sarah Palin’s “First Dude”!

The Band

PS – Oh Governor Perry … I think President Obama of Illinois just did a flyover Texas on his way to Mexico.

Sniff, sniff … Buh - Bye.

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I'm Not Ned said...

Yes! Send them back to Mexico!

Texas is like the wannabe bully who's never won a fight but thinks they're the top dog.

Let's see, the indigenous folks were first put under FRENCH rule, then Spain colonized the area. Then after a series of battle with various tribes the area was sold* to the United States. That was disputed and Mexico took control of Texas.

Then Texas rebelled against Mexico because the settlers wanted the the republican institutions afforded them by the United States! (So yes, they rebelled to be more in line with the USA!)

So even though Mexico refused to acknowledge Texas they were independent for about 8 years. Then the US annexed them in an attempt to help settle their massive debt (Hmm, is this a Texan theme?) and the Mexican-American War began. Yeah, we saved Texas butt. In hind sight, it wasn't worth it.

Then Texas seceded with the Confederate States and we kicked their ass.

I'd equate "Texan" with "whipping boy" (obvious reference to their historical stance on slavery.)