Monday, March 02, 2009

A typical Republican who was "energized" by Limbaugh

We hear reports that Rush Limbaugh's CPAC address "energized" many Republicans, such as the one below.

Limbaugh, shown below, attempted to defend his desire for the president to "fail."


I'm Not Ned said...

Rush Limbaugh. What can you say about him? He embodies everything the conservatives should be rallying against at this time in the parties history.

He's the bloated elite multimillionaire drug addict who sets the current party line ala GWB; "My way or the highway." You MUST be Christian (even if you really aren't) you MUST be intolerant of all who are "different" whether it's sexual orientation, practicing a "foreign" religion or god forbid you were born on un-American soil or to un-American parents.

In the past few months when a "leader" amongst the republicans has stepped up and proclaimed that Rush does NOT set the republican agenda they IMMEDIATELY bow down before him and beg forgiveness.

The most repulsive display was just this week when Steele (Remember him? He's the one the republicans publicly claim heads the RNC)was brought up before the bloated one to beg forgiveness after stating that anyone (Rush) who want's Obama to fail is wrong.

I guess the RNC head didn't get the RNC position on that from Rush prior to opening his mouth.

The republican party has shrunk to a small backroom association of loud-mouthed, confused hypocrites who only know that they can unify behind their hatred of the current administration. The rest of the countries conservatives are left wandering the political landscape with nowhere to call home.

If anyone has the ability to re-connect those lost conservatives and real values they could become a viable third party... or second if Rush continues to lead.

Carlos said...

Peter, you flatter Rush with this Jabba the Gut likeness. Got any pics of a pig in its sty, a.k.a. the GOP (Grand Old Pig)? That'd be more like the "ugly" porcine Limbaugh.

Peter said...

I apologize if my remarks offended any Hutts.

Lula O said...

Good one Peter. Seriously..good.

Peter said...

Lula, can you imagine the kind of woman it takes to voluntarily live with me, with that sense of humor? At least I cook...