Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pat Leahy's "Truth Commission"

So the senior senator from Vermont wants a truth commission to examine the myriad misdeeds of the Bush years. A commission is an affront to the law and to conscience if it is done with broad grants of immunity. Prosecutions MUST remain on the table and be vigorously pursued, or the "truth" will be as whitewashed as Tom Sawyer's fence.

The senator recognized that there are many congressional committees that have or will look into various aspects of Bush criminality, but he called for a "super committee," pictured below, with wide-ranging authority and jurisdiction.

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nightman1 said...

I agree with the necessity of looking into what Bush and Cheney did. It's important that people know what's likely to happen if they ever feel like falling in love with another "strong" leader. For that reason, investigation might be good even if no prosecution ensued.