Monday, March 02, 2009

Republicans--the new Whigs? Or perhaps, the Federalists? Oh wait, I know...


The party needs to do some VERY SERIOUS soul-searching very quickly or the ashbin of history is the next and final stop on the Limbaugh Express trainwreck.

Did they learn nothing from November? You have Limbaugh and Joe the Fake Plumber as the big stories coming out of your unofficial party convention? [note to GOP: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT EVER put Limbaugh on TV. THAT is not a good look for you!] And Mittens "Mittens" Romney is your straw poll winner? Ah, I love the smell of Whiggery in the morning. It smells like...irrelevance.

The modern GOP has long been a puzzle, the unholiest of alliances between the yahoos and the CEOs. Somehow the CEOs convinced the yahoos that they shared their desire to help Jesus stop boys from kissing and that every sperm was indeed sacred. Now the CEOs have been exposed as the felons that they are, and the yahoos remain yahoos [Note to GOP #2: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT EVER put yahoo political rallies on TV. THAT is not a good look for you!]

Middle America needs to find a political party that speaks to and for them, that rejects both the corporatism and the anti-intellectual theocracy of the last generation's GOP. Will one emerge? Wait, I have an about, say, THE DEMOCRATIC party?


I'm Not Ned said...

As a conservative who loves the idea of small government and balanced budgets it's obvious to me that this version of the republican party has given up all hope of being anything more than a sound bite concocted of lies and pseudo-slander.

I'd like the remnants of the neo-con/gasbag crowd to go live on a farm in Lalaland until the end of days.

We (conservatives) need to re-visit the stylings of Eisenhower and admit that Reaganomics was failed hackery at best. We need to understand the smaller government includes not trying to govern morality or religious belief. We need to reform a party out of people who understand racism instead of pretending they didn't know the watermelon joke was offensive.

Until then our country will have a two party system comprised of the ones in the White House and the ones in the sideshow tent... oh wait, is that a tent or Rush's moo moo?

Anonymous said...

They'll Be Back!

Much as I hate to admit it, the Republicans are the party of the American Dream, literally construed -- i.e., "Since this is America, I'm guaranteed to get rich if I can just keep the aliens from getting the money instead, and make the liberals get out of my way."

It will take another Depression to extirpate that extreme version of said Dream from the minds of Americans. Only then will the Republican monster be slain.