Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Mitt Files: Things The Idiot Punditocracy Won't Tell You; But We Will

ASIDE FROM THE FACT THAT MITT ROMNEY EXHIBITS ALL THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A SOCIOPATH, EVERY MSNBC PRIME TIME HOST is, at least, on the same page regarding Romney and his serial lies. Except, that is, Chris Matthews, who has censored the word on his show, forced Joan Walsh to use the RIDICULOUS euphemism "dissembling," and assumed the pompous body language of his wingnut sidekick, Bill-O The Clown. Beyond the LIES and the arrogant stealth campaign generating much faux handwringing among the Beltway elites, though, this media malpractice — like MSNBC's whitewash "respect" the candidates ads — extends to a total blackout of the REAL Mitt Romney. Stop asking the question, ASSHOLES, you know exactly what I'm saying and WHAT he is.

Mitt Romney was a homophobe from way back, and quite openly, too. It's not only the cruelty he exhibited leading a posse of gay bashers to cut a young man's hair, traumatizing him for life. This rotten ratbastard was proud of his homophobic pranks, so much so that it occupied a prominent corner of his yearbook. Check out this lovely limpwrist photo of the RomBot, student homophobe: (Hmm ... Mitt's lifelong obsession with the gay may indicate unresolved repressed identity issues.)

 Then, apparently the major MSM Media outlets, including MSNBC/Matthews in particular (Big Eddie, Rachel and Lawrence have done yeoman's work within the bounds permitted by their corporate masters), were too compulsively preoccupied with polls and the horse race to even consider this story, broken by that great news organization, TMZ. (Sadly, I'm not being ironic.) Hot off the presses, TMZ reports that Romney lied “under oath when he testified in the divorce of his good friend and screwed the friend's wife out of a lot of money in the process,” according to the wife of the founder of Staples. Can't say I'm surprised. Read all about it here.

And as we face impeding catastrophe for residents of the East Coast from the MEGASTORM Sandy, which will doubtless keep President Obama busy and mobilize all of FEMA's resources to coordinate the federal response to this extreme weather emergency, here's what Romney said about the need for FEMA: (I should add that Paulie The Objectivist Munster and his teabagger cohorts in Congress cut funding for our national weather service satellites and early warning system.)

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