Tuesday, October 30, 2012

P.S. Memo To Chris Matthews: Re Your 'Sap The Poison' Hope

ITEM: Chris, have you checked out John McCain's latest comments about President Obama TODAY, while the President was at the Red Cross delivering sober words of encouragement and updating the American people on Sandy's continued danger, as well as relief efforts?

ITEM: Chris, did you see Romney's OFFENSIVE campaign event masquerading as a Sandy "relief" rally, ostensibly collecting foodstuffs from the crowd for delivery to the Red Cross, although the Red Cross explicitly discourages such types of donations, as that is not the way they collect donations?

ITEM: Chris, did you see Romney's LYING (c'mon Chris, you can say it: L, L, L, Y, ... I ...) ad about Jeep that is being run in Ohio? Every news organization that counts is calling it a LIE, including Team Obama. How about you? Oh right, yeah ... 'respect.'

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