Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scenes From A Devastating Hurricane

IN COMMAND: President Obama at FEMA headquarters receives briefing on Hurricane Sandy. To his left is the very capable FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, a Republican, who previously served as Florida's emergency management director under Gov. Jeb Bush before being promoted by President Obama. It should be noted that President Obama called ALL governors, Republicans and Democrats, affected by this catastrophe; Romney called only Republicans.

LADY LIBERTY STANDS PROUD AND TALL against the elements, as a tugboat fights the swells.

ATLANTIC CITY BOARDWALK, LIKE A WAR ZONE: In the foreground all that's left of old brick buildings are foundations and pilons. If anyone decided to "ride it out" in these buildings rather than evacuate, they're probably dead. The mayor says, other than one fatality, "to my knowledge" everyone is "A-OK." We certainly hope so.

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