Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Bears Down On The East Coast

FROM THE LATEST FORECAST, IT APPEARS HURRICANE SANDY is going to SLAM the Jersey Shore, in the vicinity of Atlantic City, around Cape May, later this evening. Those residents of the outlying areas along the Jersey shore who didn't heed Gov. Christie's "DON'T BE STOOPID" warning are now regretting their decision to "ride it out," as related to one reporter, for in some cases their escape route is already cut off by rising waters. Anyone familiar with the Jersey Shore knows that area is as flat as a pancake, with nothing but sand dunes and narrow beaches. I hope folks with a death wish who decided to stay don't come to harm, but they really should have listened to their governor. In New York City, there is a real flooding danger, as the reader photo below attests. This is a really cool feature of the Times: Dozens of reader pictures. Check it out:

Riverside Park in NYC, at 9 AM around 80th Street.

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