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TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY, according to the AWESOME Duchess St. Rollins. This magnificent DOUBLE SLAM of the Teabagger anti-American infestation in our midst merits reposting, in full. Duchess St. Rollins invaded the Teabagger Facebook domain, "Conservative Patriots of America," like an avenging angel for the rightness and decency of our cause, America's middle class, the poor, the disadvantaged, we the 99%, with all the fury, outrage, and commitment which drove American heroes like Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King to give their lives for the cause of building a better, more just America.

Sometimes I've despaired that people today are too disconnected from politics; that they lack that feeling, the ferocity and fire arising from one simple proposition: there is right and there is wrong; justice and injustice. We cannot abide what is wrong and unjust in this country we love, without doing everything we can to stop it. And along comes Duchess St. Rollins to reiterate that common American strain of decency that most of us in the end, despite all the obstacles and deceit thrown in our path, will do right by our country and our fellow citizens. Duchess, you've gained one more admirer among the thousands (some 17,000 at last count) who are talking of your fierce, angry, yet simple but true, beautiful, smoldering words.

Duchess St. Rollins. — "Though I am trying to keep in mind the staggering amount of Teabilly stupidity I am dealing with here, this level of asininity is outrageous even for you dickholes. Let’s face it, most of you are lucky to get your "Guns don't kill people, I do." bumper stickers on without gluing your mullets to the tailgate. Let me explain.

First of all, FUCK YOU for referencing “slaves” while showing a picture of our first black President. How completely lacking in decorum or taste can you assholes be? This is incredibly insulting to the memory of the people we actually enslaved to build this country. And, don’t you DARE give me that shit about how he’s only half black. He’s fucking black enough.

Secondly, Barack Obama isn’t trying to enslave anyone. His policies and those of Democratic Party members in general, actually help the poorest and most downtrodden of our citizens to survive. You want to talk about slavery? What about Wal-Mart, whose six heirs have more money than 42 motherfucking percent of the U.S. population, yet pay their employees so little that we as taxpayers must subsidize them in the form of social safety nets so their children don’t starve or become homeless? Are you saying that hard working people, who stand for hours on their feet dealing with redneck douchenozzles like yourselves for peanuts, don’t have the right to SURVIVE while their bosses are living in multimillion dollar mansions and eating caviar for $3000 an ounce? That’s fair WHY exactly; because Sam Walton’s kids worked SO hard to be born into that family?

You Fox Zombies are once again missing the point. President Obama doesn’t want to keep anyone from succeeding or make them dependent on the government by simply giving them a leg up and making sure their kids have a little sustenance in their bellies at night. He is trying to help STOP the cycle of poverty. He aims to ensure that the wealthiest nation on Earth doesn’t just forget about those not born with silver fucking spoons in their mouths and actually gives them a CHANCE. If the GOP (Greedy Old Pigs) had their way, we wouldn’t even offer Pell Grants so that people can go to school and better themselves and our economy. That’s some real economic genius there.

Also, as usual, you make it sound like it’s even possible to survive on the meager assistance available to the needy. Try and get this through your thoroughly brainwashed skulls; the overwhelming majority receiving government aid are children, elderly, disabled or WORKING adults trying desperately to make ends meet and feed their families. These citizens only get, at most, a few hundred dollars a month in food and/or cash. Contrast that with the trillions we give out in government subsidies to thriving corporations and you may get a glimpse of how completely ignorant you sound while trying to erroneously demonize the poor as a significant drain on our resources.

The top 1% of people in this country own 43% of the wealth. The next 19% own 50% of it, and the bottom 80% own 7%...SEVEN GODAMMNED PERCENT! The average pay for a CEO in the United States is 300-500% more than the average pay of a worker. Wake the fuck up, before there is no middle class because we’ve all been relegated to serfdom. Rich people don’t care about you. They aren’t going to let you into their fancy fucking country clubs just because you lick their assholes on the Internet all day. Get on the side of the middle class, or get the fuck out of our way."

And the Duchess's double-slam:

Facebook Status Update From “Tea Party Conservatives of America”:
If Obama wins this election I will shut down My company and go on every govt assistance program I can find. I will not continue to beat my head against the wall another 4 yrs. What’s the point?
Response from Duchess St. Rollins: (Just Google her.)

"Promise? That would be fucking AWESOME! Make sure to report back and let us know how far the $1.50 per meal and between $100 and $600 a month in cash gets ya’. What I find unreal about you Teabilly fucksticks is that you actually seem jealous of poor people. Like it’s super fun to be a single mom or elderly person who is forced to rely on Welfare to fulfill basic human needs. HALF of the people receiving benefits are kids and one-third are elderly or disabled. Only a TINY percentage of people getting assistance are able-bodied adults, but don’t let facts get in the way of your pathetic little pity party.

You assholes begrudge poor children hot meals, yet don’t seem to give a shit that the multimillionaire, Ann Romney, takes a $77,000 tax deduction for her dancing horse and the taxpayers just funded her trip to the Olympics. Where’s the outrage about that insanity? How about the dozens of huge corporations that are making record-breaking profits and getting tax refunds? That doesn’t chap your moonshine-swillin’ hillbilly hides a little bit?

You’re here working yourselves into a tizzy over some bullshit “welfare queen” myth and the thought that some icky POOR PERSON might get a few free fucking meals so they don’t end up homeless, yet turn away while the oil industry get BILLIONS in tax subsidies, even after turning huge profits! You bed-pissing rednecks are a fucking disgrace to this country. FUCK YOU."

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