Monday, July 30, 2012


THAT'S RIGHT. MITT ROMNEY — WHOSE FRIGHTENING NEO-NEOCON FOREIGN POLICY WAS DETAILED BY CHRIS MATTHEWS, one of the few Beltway Media names to sound the ALARM on the return of the Cheney (pron. 'CHAY-NEE' by daughter; you'll NEVER win on this one, Chris)-John 'mustache' Bolton-Paula 'PNAC' Dobriansky triumvirate among dozens of neoconservatives joining the BLANK SLATE Romney foreign policy team FROM HELL (literally), once again ascendant after their ruinous and criminal decade-long warmongering — is on the WARPATH. AGAIN. WAR is the neoconservatives' default position. If you want more war, more killing, more spilling of American blood and treasure, more terrorism, VOTE for the New Communists, the Teabagger/Republican Party! Politically and ideologically, these people are as insane as real-life Dr. Strangeloves.

Reading these secretive Republicans, moving in the shadows away from public view with the contemptible Corporate/Beltway/MSM Media's full cooperation is like being a Kremlinologist of old. For if Bolton's or Cheney's or Dobriansky's extremist neo-fascist personas were to be revealed, the public would be repulsed. In this context, it is noteworthy that the GOP's principal warmongers have been front-and-center in the news lately. John McCain, who has been WRONG on every military criticism of President Obama was back at it, urging our direct military involvement in Syria and a likely Cold War-style confrontation with Russia. Mitt The Twit, who comes from family generations of a cult religion that never wore this country's uniform, got so SKIPPY-DEE-DOO that he called the Russians the "Soviets."

More alarming has been Dick Cheney's sudden high profile in Republican politics calling the Palin choice "a mistake" who didn't "pass the test" for commander-in-chief. Oh REALLY?! That wasn't the tune Cheney was whistling back in 2008. At the time of her Veep choice, he referred to a Palin speech at a GOP conclave as "superb" and opined there’s “no reason” Palin “can’t be a successful vice president.” Their relationship dates back to 2007, when then-V.P. Cheney urged then-Alaska Gov. Palin to effectively scuttle competitive bidding on a natural gas pipeline project in favor of Big Oil. Was there a quid pro quo?

The point is, Dick Cheney used Palin when his commercial interests dictated, possibly even influencing her selection for his post. But now that she's the proverbial "loose cannon" rather than a loyal foot soldier, he dumps on her prospects for a disruptive convention speech in favor of manipulating the malleable, tabula rasa Mitt Romney and getting his neocon loyalists embedded in the Romney campaign. Secondly, Cheney is signaling the critical need to pick a V.P. candidate who can "pass the test" of going to war.

In our crosshairs: Iran, Syria and Pakistan, where the neocons comtemplate regime change, do not discount a "contained" nuclear conflagration, and envision rising from the ashes of total destruction their orgasmic PNAC Pax Americana. This should scare the living daylights out of the American electorate. READ MORE HERE.

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