Thursday, August 02, 2012

BATSHIT CRAZY GOP: Lawrence Has The Conspiracy Lowdown; What's Wrong With Sister Sarah?

REALLY. SARAH PALIN LOOKS TERRIBLE in this FOX response to Dick (pron. CHAY-NEE) Cheney with Frau Greta. First of all, that aquatic-looking backdrop and Sarah's aqua outfit had me thinking for a minute she'd crashed the women's Olympic swimming venue in London.

Notably, her hair was disheveled and her weirdly puffy face was glistening with what seemed like sweat, or excessive foundation or pool water (?) — the overall effect being one of concern for Mama Grizzly's health; mental, spiritual and physical. Has the Dark Lord "gotten" to her? The wingnut neocon "Elimination Squad?" Mitt Romney's secret crusaders for Kolob? The conspiracy possibilities boggle the mind.

Meanwhile, Karen Finney provided just the right contrast to Sarah. And the GOP wingnut with the "microfiche" conspiracy was auditioning/angling for a guest-hosting spot on the Alex Jones/Glenn Beck shows. And Lawrence unwittingly provided lots of material for the Batshit-Crazy Bigoted Media:

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