Friday, July 20, 2012

Romney Statement FAIL

"We are deeply saddened by the SENSELESS violence."

I grow weary of these Republicans cowering before the NRA, and refusing to address gun violence in our society. There's no such thing as "senseless" gun violence unless there is proof that the perpetrator(s) had lost such control of their "senses" as to be deemed legally insane to stand trial or to use it as a defense. Most gun violence is committed by individuals whose motivation, however monstrous and despicable, falls short of the legal definition of insanity, or "senselessness." The default fallback position by Republicans on gun violence is always that it was committed by "lone nut" cases.

P.S. — It should be noted that the President used the same word, "senseless," to describe this tragedy. That is a punt by both politicians. Mayor Bloomberg, and I should add, Gov. Ed Rendell, are among the few in the political class to show some courage.

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