Friday, July 20, 2012


SOME MEDIA OUTLETS CLAIM the Queen of Privilege (DRESSAGE, or horse ballet) and Entitlement ("It's OUR TURN now") didn't say "YOU PEOPLE" in the typically condescending and patronizing Ann Romney quote one has come to expect from these people, below. It should be noted that, as soon as the question was asked, the Romney QUEEN visibly stiffened with a flash of anger in her demeanor which seemed to express a "How DARE you people" indignation. Maybe it's just me, but that's what came across watching the entire interview, and that's what I heard her say:

“And we’ve given all YOU PEOPLE need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how — you know, how we live our life.”

More to the point, releasing multiple year's tax returns has become a nonbinding requirement for any presidential candidate since Mitt Romney's father himself released 12 years' worth of returns in advance of running for president in 1968. Robin Roberts was a HORRIBLE interviewer; she didn't ask any pressing questions. The cognitive dissonance of Mitt Romney refusing to release his tax returns because he is wealthy and his tax returns are "complex," when that is exactly the point of full disclosure for ANY  presidential candidate, is ASTOUNDING in its ARROGANCE and insular sense of entitlement. Fears of "attacks" are only valid if Romney has something to hide; the unmitigated ARROGANCE and condescension of THESE PEOPLE to the longstanding practice of full disclosure of a candidate's medical and financial records, as if the public is incapable of making a fair judgment, is amazing. Their excuse is, the rules don't apply to them, because ... they're FILTHY RICH!

Finally, when those obnoxious rich Romney kids say they've had their trials, citing the Romney Queen's Multiple Sclerosis, we'd like to know what she has to say to the THOUSANDS of Americans diagnosed with this debilitating illness WHO DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE? "Good luck (I've got the best medical care, including dressage horse therapy, money can buy)," is Queen Ann's sentiment, after her husband repeals the Romneycare MIRROR IMAGE — Obamacare?!

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