Tuesday, July 17, 2012


1. WILL THE (MYSTERY) VEEP nominee release just TWO YEARS of tax returns?! (Shades of Tom Eagleton/Sarah Palin); will Mitt attempt to carry his comic book Batman and Robin act to the GOP Convention ... Does he really think he's living on Planet KOLOB?!

2. WHAT IF THE VEEP NOMINEE HAS already released more than two years' returns ... Is that UPSTAGING the secretive MITT?!

3. HOW COME TIM PAWLENTY (ON ANDREA) Doesn't REMEMBER how many years of returns he released to John McCain ... says it's "two or five" ... REALLY?! (PSST ... Mitt, Tim, that can be verified.)

4. WILL MITT "RETROACTIVELY" VETO ROMNEYCARE in Massachusetts?! How about "retroactively" refunding his 100K yearly Bain CEO's salary for "doing nothing" after 1999?!

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