Monday, July 23, 2012

Quotable: Media Vulture David Gregory

THE LYING RATBASTARD DOES IT AGAIN with the false equivalency, on the inflammatory rhetoric of the RIGHT, as bemoaned by Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who was referring to the New McCarthyism of Michele Bachmann, without mentioning her by name:

DAVID (SLITHERING LIAR) GREGORY: "Unfortunately it's a BIPARTISAN deterioration."

How contemptible is Gregory? As contemptible as everyone else at corporate right wing Beltway MSNBC Media who does the same thing: Chuckles Toddy ("essentially they're swiftboating Romney." NO, YOU LITTLE PUNK, YE OF THE RUSSERT JAMES GANG POSSE; TELLING THE TRUTH IS NOT SWIFTBOATING!), and old Beltway pro-Repug stalwart, Andrea Mitchell. I don't watch the guy because I'm tired of flinging stuff at the TV machine, but Stephanie Miller played the clip on her radio show, as she does EVERY MONDAY after Gregory the right wing Republican enabler throws the TRUTH under the bus.

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