Friday, July 27, 2012


HA-HA-HAHAHAHA! GOTTA LOVE IT!!! THE PRESUMPTIVE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE, in his first foreign trip as such comMITTs SERIAL GAFFES, FAUX-PAS, and INSULTS the hosts of the 2012 Olympics, venerable London Town and the United Kingdom, our closest ally, questioning their readiness and security for the Olympics. The inimitable Boris Johnson, mayor of London, and Prime Minister David Cameron fired back. Said Cameron, greeting Herman 'MITT' Munster:

(By the way, during this photo-op Cameron kept turning his head to the cameras, but Romney wouldn't stop staring at the British PM with that lingering, weird yearning look of his.) Ah, but David, the salt lake city's still the site of Disneyworld and Taj Mahal, all wrapped into one, for America's premier Cult of The Planet Kolob. (Rumor has it Romney refuses to release his taxes lest it be revealed how much he contributes to his strange, secretive sect; one of the best political garbage sifters in the business takes a look.):

Have you ever wondered why Jay Carney seats Chuckles Toddy in the front row of White House press briefings? Because Chuckles is the perfect foil for getting the word out in case folks miss the political message — always count on Chuckles to spell out the obvious as Jay, trying his best to look serious, plays him like a tambourine:
JAY CARNEY: "The President directed that we continue to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep the American people safe and to continue close cooperation with our British counterparts, in keeping with our special relationship. The President also made clear he has the utmost confidence in our close friend and ally, the United Kingdom, as they finalize preparations to host the London Olympics."
Meanwhile,  Herman 'Mitt' Munster kept digging a deeper hole for himself:

This could well be the worst foreign policy "diplomacy" by any major U.S. party presidential candidate in modern times. Mitt Romney violated every basic tenet of high level diplomacy that is taught in university for aspiring diplomats:

1. Never, ever, under any circumstances insult your "host" nation. It's a simple thing, really. As the presumptive major party nominee, you are representing the United States in your travels abroad. As one of the first things you do, you don't sit down with your media and start dissing the host nation. Not only is it rude, and extremely bad manners toward any host, but whatever you say abroad must be carefully measured and calibrated lest you create a major international incident. The phrase, a politician is "being diplomatic," is far from meaningless.

In fact, mastering "diplomatic language" is a fundamental requirement for any major presidential candidate. Not mastering your basic diplomacy shows you're not ready for prime time. More consequentially, diplomatic and foreign policy ignorance and stupidity is dangerous. It's really, REALLY dangerous for US.

2. Doubling down is even worse, when the nation you diss happens to be our most reliable and strongest ally, historically.

Finally, Romney compounded the weirdness (Mitt Romney is, without question, really REALLY weird!) by attempting to tell Matt Lauer a "joke" which, basically shot the CRINGE factor off the charts. Here's Mitt, speaking of a boxed gift his EQUALLY WEIRD sons gave him:
"They said if you wear this, mom will pay more attention to you. IT WAS A RUBBER HORSE MASK."
Ouch ... OUCH!?! Imagine, if you will, Mitt getting ready for a hot date with Ann. EXACTLY:

Here's the Rev giving us ALL the CRINGE-ey sound bites from Romney's DISASTROUS foreign trip:


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