Sunday, July 22, 2012

America TEH STOOPID: Imagine If It Was The U.S. Hosting The Olympics

LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF THE OLYMPIC ACTION will be going on outside MOST public view, in the Olympic Village OF THE DAMNED (American and some religious fundamentalist countries' attitude) or RAGING LIBIDOS (most of the 21st century CIVILIZED world): OH MY ... HORRORS ... Pastor, Preacher, Reverend, Rabbi, Imam ... PLEASE DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL OF UNMARRIED SEX ... NOT TO MENTION ORGIES AND SAME-SEX COUPLINGS!

Just imagine how the Ayatollahs in the Religious Right and their Republican foot soldiers, who have demonstrated an unhealthy obsession with controlling women's bodies and vaginas, would react to the distribution of 150,000 free condoms!? They'd probably insist on the "Made in America" uniforms to be crafted in a specialized machine shop that could manufacture state-of-the-art CHASTITY BELTS.

The oh, oh, Ohhh-lympics! As record 150,000 condoms are handed out to a host of super-attractive athletes, could London 2012 be the raunchiest games ever?

  • Athletes will receive 15 condoms each for the 17-day festival
  • 'I've seen athletes having sex out in the open, getting down and dirty on grass between buildings,' says U.S. women's goalie
  • Victoria Pendleton among the glamorous female stars offered condoms
USA Women's Olympic Volleyball Team — From ESPN Magazine's "Body Issue."

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