Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wingnut Reverse Psychology WON'T WORK With The ROMBOT IMBECILE

MR. DESPICABLE FILTHTY RICH CULT RELIGIONIST Mitt Romney has the AUDACITY to run around the country reading the wingnut Rovian reverse psychology —noticed that a MORON like Donald Trump used the term against Wolf Blitzer, meaning he's still dumb but familiar with the talking points — or should I say, mangling the script, and hoping the American people can't pick up on being condescended to and looked down upon as so many, unpleasant, non-Mormon rabble!!?

Here's a SCUMBAG who, as Chris Matthews so aptly put it, speaks LIKE A CONEHEAD, ALIEN ENGLISH — e.g., he says "aircraft" instead of "plane" like the rest of us; "fireMEN" and "policeMEN" instead of "firefighters" and "police officers" no P.C. here, Romney's so fucking out of touch he doesn't realize women have populated these critical public service professions for DECADES; says "sport" instead of "sports", surprised he hasn't referred to football as "athletics"; and tells cringe-inducing UNFUNNY, CRUEL "jokes" about his fondness for "firing people" and readiness to place bets (trying to impress regular guy casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, I guess) of $10,000.

Yeah, Mitt's "in touch" with the PEOPLE, all right. So he had the UNMITIGATED GALL to mock President Obama for wanting MORE "firemen, MORE policemen, MORE TEACHERS. IT'S TIME FOR US TO CUT DOWN ON GOVERNMENT"!? Meanwhile, large swaths of Colorado and New Mexico forests are burning out of control. What's your solution, Mitt? An EMERGENCY APPROPRIATION to rehire the firefighters who were FIRED for lack of federal government funding?!

Meanwhile Romney surrogate John Sununu LIES that there is "WISDOM" in teacher firings and layoffs, when in fact just the DEMOGRAPHIC growth of the student population nationally demands MORE teachers to avert an educational DISASTER with severe teacher shortages, larger classroom sizes, and a precipitous decline in the quality of education. On a related note, the crime-ridden City of Camden, NJ rehired 55 of 167 police officers laid off under Gov.Christie's austerity cuts, then another 19 police officers under a FEDERAL GRANT PROGRAM.

The Reverend Al has done yeoman's work bringing the FACTS to the people in his Politics Nation show on MSNBC. Check it out:

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