Friday, June 15, 2012

Dylan Ratigan Can't Leave Soon Enough

AND TO HIS PANEL, ARI MELBER, TOURE, AND ESPECIALLY KRISTAL BALL: SHAME ON YOU! Given the context of the President's rude interruption by a Daily Caller wingnut in the Rose Garden while announcing a major policy initiative affecting millions of Latinos, Dylan's mockery of that exchange, as I watched it, was incredibly offensive and in poor taste. Using his three giggling panelists as props to interrupt and talk over Martin Bashir, Ratigan basically mocked the Rose Garden incident again by re-enacting his version of it. It was in incredibly poor taste.

Second, Ratigan feeds his vitriolic hatred for President Obama, by suggesting this major policy initiative was "Panderin'" then lumped him together with Romney in a clear case of false equivalence — Dylan's middle name, the hypocrite — which has a name: sophistry. He does it all the F-ing time and NONE of you ever call him on it! Toure finally spoke up, explaining what I just did. Then Dylan launched into his long-winded nonsensical excuses, which Lawrence would call gibberish, and at least you, Kristal, should have the derring-do and cojones to interrupt your obnoxious host with one word: BULLSHIT. (It never ceases to amaze me how progressives allow themselves to be reduced to CIPHERS on Ratigan's show.)

Good riddance, Dylan. Parting word of advice: You'll get a lot farther if you learn to be honest with yourself and whatever audience you're trying to reach. When you speak the plain truth you won't need to behave like such a boorish, Daily Caller-ish windbag.

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