Sunday, June 10, 2012


WE WISH DYLAN WELL ... I GUESS NO ONE UNDERSTOOD HIM EXCEPT HIS BUDDIES DEEPAK, JIMMY, ARI, TOURE, KAREN, IMOGEN, et al (can't remember the wingnuts), and, of course, MARTIN. It's too bad, because I had my popcorn on standby for when Martin finally gets up off his desk (in that awkward split-screen where Dylan lobs passive-aggressive insults at Martin), walks over to Dylan's side of the split screen, and knocks him off-camera with a flying tackle.

Martin would've taken Dylan, too. Though smaller, legend has it he was a tough semi-pro rugby player, with the scars to prove it. Now, set to inherit Dylan's hour as the perfect set-up man for Chris — I predict a hard-hittin' progressive ratings boost right off the bat — Martin must stand down. All the while, enduring the slings and arrows of Dylan's final days, and avoid getting into a rumble through incessant provocations. Memo To The Suits: If you move Chris Hayes to Martin's slot, not only will the intellectual brain-power of your daily lineup increase tenfold, but so will your ratings. Your audience is a lot SMARTER than you EMPTY SUITS give us credit for!

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