Saturday, June 16, 2012

President Obama To 'EL LOCO' Gallardo (Span. For 'Willard'): OLé! OLé!! OLé!!!

AS OUR BRILLIANT LADY ALEX DESCRIBED IT, "it was a MASTERFUL stroke." In one sweeping maneuver, President Obama sucked all the oxygen out of Mitt Romney's bus tour, boxing him into an immigration policy corner (Recuerden "self-deportation"!), neutralized right wing cubano Marco Rubio's fledgling bullshit plan to replace the Dream Act, and dared the treasonous obstructionist Republican Congress to challenge his unilateral shift in immigration policy.

The hapless Marco Rubio complained that he wasn't "consulted," Mitt Romney said it makes immigration  "reform" more difficult (Excuse me!? WHAT immigration "reform"?! "Self-deportation"!?!), and the GOP traitors in Congress made the usual vitriolic accusations of "amnesty," a "magnet" for illegal border crossing/invasion, and taking jobs away from "Americans" — like the plutocrats and corporations bankrolling the GOP that ship jobs overseas, or Romney killing millions of jobs by touting "let Detroit go bankrupt," or the traitors in the GOP Congress killing jobs bills that would create millions of critical infrastructure and public sector jobs — you know: firefighters, cops and teachers — as well as a measure to give corporations tax incentives to keep jobs in this country.

Go ahead, Romney The Liar, GOP Traitors, and wingnuts ALL: Make President Obama's day.

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