Friday, May 11, 2012

Quotable: Moron Joe Unmasked By Chris

"It's not a three-year cycle ... When you're part of a 30-YEAR CYCLE ..." ~ BINGO! You got it Moron Joe; it's a 30-year cycle NAMED RONALD REAGAN!

(A punch-drunk Moron Joe, on the business cycle, after his libertarian "philosophy" was savaged by Chris Matthews in the previous segment when Chris asked the rhetorical question: "why is your solution to the economy giving the rich more money and screwing poor people?") Ewoops ...

These libertarian types are really stupid people; not unintelligent, not even clueless; just stupid. They don't know much about history unless it's to make some narrow point about the Constitution or to try fitting their square peg ideology into a selected round history opening; it won't fit. They'll sit around their echo chamber studio, bringing liberals along, who could have them for breakfast and lunch — Gene Robinson, Chris Matthews, Tim Noah, author of The Great Divergence: America's Growing Inequality Crisis — if only they were allowed to stay long enough. But in Moron Joe's dodge-and-go segments, the liberals stay long enough to score body blows before a dodgy Moron Joe — "Rahmey must few-cuss on jahbs and the ee-ca-na-me" — sends them packing.

Unfortunately for Moron, senior statesman Chris Matthews stayed long enough to pummel the joe-kester without even uncrossing his arms before they cut to commercial, whereupon apparently more punching went on behind the camera's eye, for Michael The Steelenator was shadow boxing Chris when they returned and Moron, looking like a reasonable facsimile of W.C. Fields, blurted the Ronnie gaffe, defined as when a politico inadvertently speaks the truth.

The regulars — they're really morons, no shit! — stay ... Moron, the Steelenator, Willie the Wingnut, and fellow-ilk-Moron Joe travelers like Mark Yellow-Stripe McKinnon and Jon Meacham, who impressed Willie with statements like "we're a center-right country." That's the basic format, allowing Moron Joe to pontificate from his libertarian perch with idiotic gems like this one, paraphrasing: "last night I went to bed a bigot (to progressives), and today awoke a progressive (to them) for favoring gay marriage." No ... Moron Joe. You went to bed an idiot, and awoke AN EVEN BIGGER IDIOT — to progressives.

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