Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hogan Gidley: He's Baaaack! Could Hogan Be Come A-Courtin'?!

WELL, ALEX IS TIGHTENING THE LEASH as the tension mounts. Wait till tomorrow ... In the meantime, don't feel bad for Hogan as Alex gets the best of him once again. He's lovin' every minute of it!

ALEX: "Hogan Gidley ... The man with the best southern accent in the business."

HOGAN: "Great to see you, too, Alex. And I always love the sarcasm to start off the show."

ALEX: "We wouldn't have it any other way, SIR."

OUCH. And Hogan, a word of advice. You gotta DO SOMETHING about that hair, man! I mean, if you think hair salons are for liberal Yankee sissies or worse, there's always the local barbershop. On the other hand, there's something to be said for the "AU NATURALE" genuine YOU ... Alex might like it. Carpe diem, Hogan!

P.S. — A STAR in the ascendancy: Maggie Haberman. She's been making the rounds, and broke out of the pack with this NOW retort, "I'm trying to elevate the I.Q. level here." See, there's no telling what smarts and a smile can do. And Kudos to Katrina Vanden Heuvel for her principled scolding of the media.

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