Sunday, May 06, 2012

David Frum Is My Favorite Conservative, And Chris Hayes My Second Favorite Liberal

HERE'S WHY: On the BRILLIANT Chris Hayes show, "UP" (trans: Alas, too early for me), one segment featured a very articulate Occupy Wall Street member, Alexis Goldstein, seated next to New York Attorney General Eri Schneidermann discussing banking regulation. Chris closed with the effervescent remark, "that was the awesomest regulatory conversation I've had in at least a week!"

In the following segment, the mild-mannered conservative intellectual David Frum made one of the most heretical statements in the annals of conservative political history: "French Socialist François Hollande looks like he's going to win. He looks like he's going to be a voice against austerity in the Euro Zone. I THINK AMERICANS SHOULD WELCOME THAT. It means that the hope of averting a European depression is improved. However, he is also opposed to all the labor market reforms that France needs to do to be successful in the long term. It's a terrible dilemma; the man is right for the long term, is wrong for the short term, and vice-versa.

HUH?! I call that hedging my bets, or boxing every horse in a manageable race, say 12 entries, and hope you get enough back for your $1,320 $1 trifecta investment to buy a café au lait. David is my very favorite conservative because he has in one fell swoop rejected one of the cornerstones of current conservative ideology, that austerity for the 99% and tax cuts for the 1% is the road to prosperity and deficit reduction. David is smart enough to recognize it's the road to ruin. Hence the the pretzel-like hedge, or elegant dodge, if you prefer.

The answer, David, is Hollande is right on all counts. No need to listen to me; listen to history. Compare and contrast conservative versus socialist government, both in Europe and the United States. By every measuring stick of growth and prosperity, standards of living, health care, education, it's not even close. As for labor reforms, Hollande isn't the ideological zealot as are your colleagues on the right. He will be the leader of a parliamentary democracy with the power and constitutional authority to make what reforms may be required to strengthen France's welfare state rather than gut and destroy it.

Allons enfants de la patrie
Le jour de gloire et arrivée
David Frum chant "Sarkozy
A la Bastille!" ...

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