Sunday, April 15, 2012

CATNIP: Jon Stewart Trots Out Hoodie Kitty To Mock NBC Critics


Predictably, our favorite right wing rag, The Daily Caller, has been posting innocuous teenage tweets from the slain teen, a typical DC smear to further violate his grieving family with attempted character assassination of the dead kid. Jim Treacher, their c&p minimalist spitblogger has continued the strained false equivalence analogies, some downright offensive, per the whitebread wingnut frat boys' MO.

Consider this Treach posting, without comment other than the usual warning of “disturbing” video to get one to watch the beating of a white tourist, a young dude, in Baltimore by a group of black guys who robbed him of his belongings. Thankfully, the mugging victim was not seriously injured. Significantly, the people on the streets interviews were with decent African American citizens, who decried the event. Treach’s outrageous header reads:

Presumably, it’s an outrageous allusion to the President’s statement that the slain teen, Trayvon Martin, could be his son. So what’s your point, Treach? If it’s that it would have been better had Trayvon been only beaten and robbed by a mugger rather than shot to death by a racist, I CONCUR. Somehow, I think that’s not what you meant to say. And, by the way, the fact the Baltimore mugging victim was literally stripped and robbed of his belongings makes it highly unlikely a racial hate crime charge can be brought against the muggers. I doubt it will. Based on available facts, the same cannot be said of the Trayvon shooting. Nice try, bud but you FAIL.

Next, Treach accuses NBC of putting “George Zimmerman and everyone around him on trial — even people who have nothing to do with it, like the McClain family” but now is “protecting the identity of whoever faked evidence against Zimmerman.” Jesus, man, your wingnut brain works in really, REALLY bizarre ways. Let’s parse this statement, shall we?

First of all, Treach, any NEWS organization worth its salt, such as NBC, is expected to put the principals in a case with such explosive implications “on trial” in the court of public opinion. They have a responsibility to shine the spotlight on the killer’s conduct and motivation, as well as how police and local authorities handled the case to date — given that local authorities had done nothing until the media stepped in. That’s what the media are supposed to do — be the people’s watchdog.

Second, NBC wasn't responsible for Spike Lee’s outrageous retweet of an elderly couple’s info as George Zimmerman’s. Last I checked, Spike Lee isn’t an NBC employee. He filmed some commercials for MSNBC hosts, and that’s about it. His action (and that of the original tweeter) are totally reprehensible and unacceptable. Those who willy-nilly divulge personal information of private citizens — the Daily Caller comes to mind — are despicable. Projecting again, Treach?

Third, regarding its fired producer, the story here isn’t that someone at NBC violated its standards of journalistic practice, but that NBC promptly fired the individual after an internal investigation. It’s unfortunate, but their choice not to disclose the individual’s name is correct and in keeping with generally accepted practice in these matters. The real story is that right wing media, which harbors no responsibility for reporting the truth whatsoever, have never fired their personnel for violating standards of journalism practice, because they have none — unless firing women employees alleging sexual harassment against sacred wingnut cows counts.

Fourth, Treach whines MSNBC “went to battle stations when James O’Keefe committed a misdemeanor. They called it ‘Watergate Jr.’ But when one of their own manufactures evidence in a racially charged shooting that’s become a nationwide scandal? Crickets. Guess they don’t want to step on Al Sharpton’s toes.” Why are wingnuts such whiners?! Not even worth a reply. To compare a criminal prankster wingnut and sexual harasser, whose legal problems are only just beginning, to civil rights protesters is beyond stupid and offensive. And Treach, to understand David Schuster’s point you need to understand “irony.” Look it up, pal. Man, are wingnuts so pathetically dense.

In the meantime, Henri the French existential cat, who finds it all so tedious ...

... Might just be in love!

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