Monday, April 16, 2012

Mittens Utters Losing Campaign KISS OF DEATH: "Start Packing" ...

HERE'S MITT RAWMONEY being interviewed by the equally insufferable Diane Sawyer, who asked him what message he had for President Obama. This is what Mittens said: "Start packing" ... [HAR-HAR-HAR.]

Although the Beltway Media reports it in advance of the interview as if this is a new and original Mittens crie de guerre, with adjectives like "aggressive" and "feisty," the phrase is neither original nor predictive. In fact, considering this attractive 1964 offering in a lenticular flasher from the Goldwater campaign, superstitious Romney operatives might have reason for concern and lost sleep:


Hmm ... The premature pixie dust crowing didn't work out so well for the Goldwaters. Barry "Mr. Conservative" Goldwater lost to LBJ by 61% to 38%.

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