Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alex Wags Lets Wingnut FRACK On Carole King's Moment

SOME NO-NAME PUDGY WINGNUT — COSTA, Portuguese surname, OTÁRIO da direita! — had the audacity to FRACK on the Alex show, in plain sight of the DIVINE Ms Carole King: "Republicans have the upper hand ... But on shale, on FRACKING, and on the Keystone pipeline, I think they have some real political points to score against the President, who has been boxed into a corner by environmentalists ..."

EARTH TO ALEX: your response was totally INADEQUATE. Wingnuts are incredibly devious in their use of language as propaganda. How could you let fatso pork chop get away with the "FRACKING" reference, and not immediately challenge it, Alex?! It's infuriating.

The Costa OTÁRIO sings the praises of FRACKING to a wide-eyed Carole King sitting in stunned silence while Alex replies with jaw-rattling *CRICKETS* ... Well, Alex rallied somewhat, a day late, fiercely defending Dick Lugar from the Teabagger infestation {eye-roll}, calling the GROTESQUE ROCK FASCIST Ted Nugent a silly name {etc.}, and this time correcting another wingnut who claimed Americans aren't concerned about income inequality ... WOW! Fortunately, there's Carole King to tell us in song what happens when FRACKING comes to town — for the romantic in Robert 'OTÁRIO' Costa:

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