Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ann Rawmoney Is No Ordinary Woman

SHE'S FILTHY RICH. Ann Rawmoney hasn't ever worked a regular job outside the home, not just because it's "a choice" women make, which we should "respect." Of course. That goes without saying. But for Camp Rawmoney to suggest Ann is just like every woman out there who makes these "choices" is absurd. The vast majority of women in America do not have the "choice" (translation = means) to hire housekeepers, nannies, cooks, groundskeepers, chauffeurs, catering services, home nursing, and all the little "helpers" without which the filthy rich would be adrift in a sea of money.

Hogan Gidley, Psycho Ricky's Better Half, Being Weird Next To Alex.
That's no knock on Ann as a person. By all accounts, she's a very nice woman, very gracious, "Mitt's better half," said Alex Wagner's adoptive wingnut boyfriend, the inimitable Hogan Gidley, looking smitten as he sat shoulder to comely shoulder with Alex. But Ann's not everywoman. Nor can she speak with any real-life authority to the struggles of 99 percent of America's women juggling careers, children, housekeeping, bills, and HEALTH CARE. (The women's health care "choices" provided by Planned Parenthood — cancer screenings, mammograms, checkups, contraceptives — Mitt Rawmoney has promised to eviscerate. Typically meanspirited, considering Saint Ann suffers from a debilitating disease for which she can get the best care money can buy.)

That said, Hillary Rosen is a self-important, clueless, BELTWAY IDIOT. A CARDINAL RULE OF POLITICS IS, NEVER EVER CRITICIZE THE CANDIDATE'S WIFE! (That is, unless the wife is a non-Caucasian Democrat.)

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