Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rush Blames LIBERAL WOMEN For Anthony Weiner Sexting

Of course, Rush is just trash-talking here, and it's pretty funny actually, but let's assume for the sake of argument (and a little fun) that he's making a serious point! First, here's our buddy Cenk's take on it, which is quite amusing, too.

Now here's my take. Assuming for a moment Rush is making logical sense, what does that make conservative (I prefer wingnut) women? Rush explains Weiner's behavior as the result of his being raised in the "ORB" (sounds sinister) of liberal women. So how, then, does Rush explain David Vitter's behavior? Here's a married, ultra-conservative, SOUTHERN Republican senator who was driven by a COMPULSION to pay hookers to slap A DIAPER on him and perform all sorts of lewd sexual acts. In a word, David Vitter seemed driven by a desire to be INFANTILIZED.

Is that what wingnut women do to their men? Do they INFANTILIZE them, so much so that the Vitters of this world seek release with hookers who can relieve them of traditional male-female relationships in which the female partner SMOTHERS the male with MOTHERING ON STEROIDS, since she's in such a subservient role in the conservative/wingnut household she overcompensates by going totally MATERNAL: "Honey" this, "sweetie" that, "baby" the other, "eat your vegetables" now ...? Hmm.

That sounds a lot worse to me, Rush. See, women like it when men show evidence of sensitivity, of "getting in touch with their feminine side." Only men who have identity issues would feel threatened by something like this, right? It does make sense. And what's wrong with Alan Alda?

Finally, Rush, while beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, generally accepted gender-neutral standards of beauty dictate your wife cannot hold a candle to Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the HOT-meter. Just sayin' ...

Now I'm hungry for a burger 'n fries.

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