Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fifty Second GOP Field Post-Debate Analysis

Romney. Revenge of the empty suit. Looked alive. Had that half-slit sarcastic 'I-can-take-these-fools' grin going on. Must win New Hampshire. Loses and he's finished. Tepid favorite. 5-2.

Michele Bachmann. She might've been in a Hardball trance but now she's in an Ed Rollins trance. Rollins is an old GOP Svengali who is busily remaking the wild-eyed wingnut into normal and compelling. Twenty-six kids?! The peeps love such reality TV fast food and will eat up the Rollins makeover. Sharp! 4-1.

Tim Pawlenty. Nearly cooked. Weak snarky insincere deer-caught-in-headlights smile. Put a fork in him. DONE. (What was Lawrence thinking? ) Punted on the 'Obomneycare' charge. Not even John Edwards was this foolish when running for Veep and boinking a groupie on the side. 15-1.

Ron Paul. Looks tired and off his game with ill-fitting suit. Still has cult following including tie-less Dylan Ratigan. Live-off-the-land insurgent campaign getting old. 25-1.

Newt Gingrich. Speaker MoonBling. A running joke. But has "back class" as veteran campaigner. Seen better days. Private enterprise moon bases? Maybe he plans to relocate with campaign manager Callista. We hope. Connections deserted en masse. 40-1.

THE FIELD. PLACEHOLDER ENTRY for 1-Great Southern Hope Rick Perry. Longshot 1A-John Huntsman. Perry strongest part-of-entry. 6-1.

Just the OPTICS. No CONTENT to speak of other than same old trickle-down insanity that is a warmed-over caricature of VOODOO ECONOMICS.

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