Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Newt Gingrich Campaigning Hard On A ROCK Somewhere In The Greek Isles ...

This (alleged) photo of Newt Gingrich looking like a beached whale or maybe a Greek tycoon catching some rays on a rock during his Greek Isles cruise surfaced today on TMZ. Newt denies it's him. He may have a point, given the absence of bling:

Hey, give the guy a break. Newt's only cashed in a few campaign donation chits early to recharge his batteries for the tough, losing but potentially very profitable (to Newt's money-making scams) ... er,  "presidential campaign." The campaign staff abandoned ship en masse, but chances are they'll resurface behind the imminent Rick Perry campaign once it becomes official enabling the Texas governor to hit the ground running. Meanwhile Newt continues his pretense of running for president without the high overhead of a pricey staff, hawking his books at every so-called campaign stop.

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