Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rachel Calls On Bob Herbert To Talk Her Down On Weiner Hypocrisy

Last night Rachel revived a great segment from her early shows in which she would challenge high-powered guests to try "talking her down" from an issue in the news that had her "FLUMMOXED"!! Of course, they never could (at least I can't recall a time Rachel, still the Zodiac Ram, it seems, was talked down from her principled stubborness) ... But it was fun to see them try, which was the whole point of it. Such was the familiar pattern last night, and although she didn't introduce the segment as she had before — to "talk me down" — it was what it was ... and it was GREAT to see Bob Herbert back, too. So thank you for that, Rachel.

Rachel, I love your passion on the Democrats' "double standard," but disagree with your spirited premise that the Weiner episode, which has dominated the headlines going on weeks now, will be a wash regarding the REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES — Medicare, Social Security, and the Economy — should Weiner not resign come election day. To claim Weiner's resignation will not restore Democrats' message "discipline" on these important issues is to make a risky assumption. Democrats were actually hitting their stride with Republicans on their heels when this sordid story broke.

Rep. Israel of Illinois, who is responsible for electing Democrats to the House and retaking it on the strength of Social Security and Medicare, was veritably giddy about the Party's prospects on your show. I recall you were pretty upbeat, too. When was the last time since this story broke that anyone has mentioned NY-26 and that wonderfully charismatic Democrat elected there against all odds — what's her name again? I forget ... And what about the HEAT Republicans were feeling from their constituents on MEDICARE, just as the voters were beginning to take another look at the Democrats?

ALL GONE. BECAUSE OF ONE JACKASS NAMED ANTHONY WEINER. Remember how you joked with Michael Moore that Democrats ALWAYS find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Well, isn't this one such occasion? And while you might be perfectly willing to go down in flames on the principle of rejecting the "double standard" of Democrats and "hypocrisy" of Republicans, WHO ARE LOVING THE UNEXPECTED TIME-OUT TO REGROUP, millions of people in this country for whom Social Security and Medicare are matters of life-and-death and not simply principle can't afford to be blasé about ONE man's sexting travails.

Maybe this will help put the issues in focus: On the left is the "BLISTERING REPORT" by the Senate Ethics Committee "INTO THE MATTER OF JOHN ENSIGN." On the right is one in the latest series of Weiner digital photos, seen here IN THE HOUSE GYM clutching his "nether regions," courtesy of TMZ.

I know, I know ... You still don't get it. But we still love you, Rachel.

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