Monday, June 20, 2011

The Inside Dope On Keith: More Trash Talking From Griffin

It seems that MSNBC's SUIT NUMERO UNO, Phil Griffin, is so skeert Keith Olbermann and CURRENT TV will poach some of their contributors away that he's renegotiated contracts for several of the 'good guys' at MSNBC to keep them from straying. It seems silly, though. There should be room for everyone, especially now that MSNBC has decided to carry more DEAD WEIGHT like regular Dana Milbank and most recently, the disastrous signing of Michael Steele — the SINGLE STUPIDEST DECISION the network has made to drive away its viewers with a poke in our collective eye.

On the other hand, it's nice to see Keith's influence over MSNBC hasn't waned even from afar as he causes a "bidding war" for rising stars like Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, and old stalwart Gene Robinson, among others I'm sure, to get more MSNBC money enticements to stay put. All the while striking FEAR AND LOATHING in MSNBC's REACTIVE boardroom.

Some "community." Here's a challenge for the MSNBC suits. Why don't you ASK US, the erstwhile loyal viewers, what we think of Milbank and Steele as regular FUCKING POLLUTANTS on our favorite shows?! I hit the mute button the minute they are on or check out CNN. The more Milbank and Steele steal time away from Ezra Klein, Chris Hayes, Sam Stein, Howard Fineman, Gene Robinson, David Corn, and Alex Wagner, THE MORE MSNBC's ratings will be depressed. Mark my words. It's like a slow erosion of viewer support. One thing Griffin doesn't seem to understand is, the RIGHT WING IS UBIQUITOUS ON CABLE. We're not interested in what the right OR ITS DERIVATIVES — so-called "libertarians" and "independents" — have to say AS PAID CONTRIBUTORS.

I have never seen anyone so successfully CON a network into paying him for his noxious 'yellow journalistic' views as Dana Milbank has. It's either REALLY poor judgment or simply spitefulness on Griffin's part, since Milbank was justifiably BANNED from Countdown for trashing President Obama during the 2008 campaign and refusing to retract or clarify his inaccurate statements, i.e., hit job. Recently, he wrote a hit job on the Progressive Caucus's alternative budget to Paul Ryan's and flirted with racism by mocking Latino Congressman Raul Grijalva's neckwear. Milbank's hit piece was ripped to shreds by the Huff Post's Jason Linkins, its best progressive columnist. Meanwhile, the clueless Cenk Uygur has had his "friend" Milbank on his show frequently without ONCE calling him on the carpet for his despicable hit job on the Progressive Caucus budget, which Cenk claims to "LOVE." Let's see if the "Aggressive Progressive" has the balls to put Milbank on opposite Rep. Grijalva to defend what he wrote about the Progressive Caucus budget — as well as Grijalva's choice of clothing apparel.

Or is it more Cenk The Meek, aka Dana Milbank's chump. But that's not all. I have NEVER seen a fellow columnist writing for the SAME newspaper, WaPo, publicly chastise Milbank for shoddy journalism as David Broder did a year before his death. The esteemed Broder was known as the "Dean" of the Washington press corps. As if that wasn't enough, from the viewer's standpoint, the worst SIN committed by Dana Milbank — this odious excuse for a 'journalist'— is an amazing narcissistic self-delusion that he has ANY comedic talent at all! The dude's attempts at humor are BEYOND lame; they're so off-color that they cause viewers to groan audibly and roll their eyes. And hit the MUTE button or flip the channel.

There's only so much an MSNBC viewer can tolerate. Griffin's "community" is beginning to fray as MSNBC post-Olbermann becomes more like CNN with Steele-as-Castellanos and Milbank-as-Howard Stern, and less like the innovative, STRONG liberal voice that distinguished it when Keith reigned supreme.

But wait ... Relief is on the way: Keith's back! So my advice to Phil Griffin and the rest of the Fear And Loathing suits is to tack back to the true Left where its loyal "community" resides. STAT.

PS - I forgot to add Eric Boehlert from Media Matters and Joan Walsh of Salon to the list of 'good guys' with less MSNBC air time.

PPS - Anti-lib plagiarist Mark Halperin as MSNBC "senior" political contributor is a JOKE.

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