Friday, June 24, 2011


Sometimes when you see it in chart format the macro picture becomes much clearer than words on a screen can express. The first thing that should come to mind for any casual observer is that there is a theme and cohesion to the unpopularity of these thugs that is illuminating.

Their sliding numbers escape regional boundaries. Their radical schemes are remarkably similar for the so-called 'states rights' (i.e., 'independent') party, with a top-down agenda that includes, first, an all-out assault on public employee unions with a focus on destroying collective bargaining, slashing pension and retirement benefits, layoffs of teachers, firefighters, nurses, and police officers — in short, vilifying government employees based on an ideological conviction that these public servants are as unpopular with the American people as they are among right wing Republicans.

Second, passing tax breaks for donor corporations and businesses, giving lie to the claim that state budgets are in such dire straits that the sacrifice must be "equally shared" (a common campaign theme, and A LIE). Third, privatization of EVERYTHING from schools to prisons to mental health facilities ; fourth, a war on the poor and vulnerable populations with cruel and draconian cuts to Medicaid, unemployment benefits, food programs for children; and fifth, all of it dovetailing onto a war against women, with a compulsive, male-obsessive focus on defunding essential health services for women, AND MOSTLY WOMEN, provided by Planned Parenthood, as an ideologically driven culture war backdoor assault on LEGAL abortions.

Abortions are an infinitesimal part of what Planned Parenthood does — only about 3 percent of its women's health services — while the vast majority of its services are the essential medical screenings for breast cancer, pap smears, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, birth control pills, etc. All of which contribute to healthy communities and prevent the very things these extremist Republicans claim to be against: unwanted pregnancies that lead to more abortions, and increased incidences of disease from sexually transmitted illnesses to cancer. The ultimate result of the GOP's ideological war on women is to place an enormous strain on those health care providers that must necessarily pick up the slack, and taxpayers, as always, who must pick up the costs passed along by their own health providers.

Do these Republican RATBASTARDS care? Of course not. They're thugs and extremists. They have hoodwinked the so-called "message voters" into sending a message they never intended to BUT SHOULD HAVE ANTICIPATED HAD THEY BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. The 'American people', as the Republicans like to say, did NOT vote to destroy Medicare, kill collective bargaining and target public employee unions at the expense of fat cat corporations and donors (Koch brothers), raise taxes on the middle class to defund Planned Parenthood, close schools, lay off teachers, firefighters, and police officers, or grant their governments extraordinary powers to declare entire communities and townships bankrupt and assume state control over localities.

Is this what you stand for, Teabaggers? Dictatorial, strong-arm government? Crony capitalism and shafting the middle class, YOUR CLASS! Traitors. Even though the polls clearly show the people's paralyzing shock at what the extremists they elected are doing, the call to action is still reserved for the activists among us. While people are paralyzed by the radical extremist tsunami unleashed by these well funded Republicans, still they must GET OFF THEIR FUCKING ASSES AND FIGHT BACK TO RETAKE THEIR DEMOCRACY.

We've already learned that the Democratic Party cannot be counted on to carry this fight without the people pushing them. Despite his disapproval rating being higher than his approval (low 40 percentile) Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who is not on this chart, scored a major victory when the Democratic controlled state Assembly passed his union busting bill with the help of a handful of turncoat Democrats, including the Assembly Leader. In Washington, the Democrats are getting ready to make CRAVEN AND DESPICABLE CONCESSIONS OF TRILLIONS IN CUTS WHILE THE REPUBLICANS PLAY A HOSTAGE-TAKING GAME IN WHICH THEY ARE THREATENING TO TANK THE WORLD ECONOMY IF DEMOCRATS DO NOT AGREE TO THEIR TERMS.

Where's the outrage? PLEASE. Where.IS.the.OUTRAGE?!

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