Thursday, June 23, 2011

Idiotic Mutterings Of The Idiot Punditocracy: Chuck Todd

Overheard at the Cathedral of the Idiot Punditocracy, Meet The Press:
“I don’t think … in this environment, David Vitter would have survived — in this environment.”
~Chuck Todd, MSNBC ‘Political Director” and ‘Chief WH Correspondent’. 
Whaaat?! Excuse me …? Come again, Chuckie …Please to explain.

It's been said that Chuck goes into a cold sweat if asked to proffer any political opinion that may show his bias. Commendable, except he flippantly tosses out self-serving Beltway Media exculpatory statements (of the right wing) like this one. Pearls of wisdom from the Idiot Punditocracy. He’s also been observed asking inane questions at presidential pressers … which must be why the President so enjoys calling on him. It’s like getting a breather down the backstretch.

So what is different from when the Vitter Diaper & Hookers scandal broke in 2007,  just about four years ago, and now? Well, a couple of things. The President was a Republican. The House was Democratic but Vitter was (and IS) a senator. Also, the Senate was in Democratic hands, but by a wider margin.

Twitter and Facebook existed then, as did Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, E! Tonight, yadayadayada. And so did the vaunted 24-hour news cycle. So what has changed in the “climate” from then to now for Chuckie to assert Vitter would not survive his scandal today?

Nothing of substance that I can see. Nothing, that is, unless it is Chuckie’s contention that Anthony Weiner wasn’t hounded out of office by a partisan coalition of hypocritical Republicans, timid Democrats, and a “media circus” that is no different today than it could be, say … in 2007.

Those same Republican hypocrites who backed Vitter in 2007 would do the same today, knowing full well the Democrats couldn’t do a thing to change the dynamics. So what has changed today? Nothing but Chuckie’s compulsion to find moral and partisan equivalence where there is none.

David Vitter would survive his sex scandal today as surely as the Republican logo contains Satanic symbology. It's true! The Republican logo (below) was redesigned around 2000 with the inverted Satanic pentagram star. Check it out:

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