Saturday, June 25, 2011


Congratulations New York for becoming the LARGEST state in the union to legalize marriage equality! And congratulations to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who said he would make this a top priority of his administration, and actually followed through on his promise. What a concept! And to the New York State legislators for the courage to vote their conscience in a dignified display, for the entire nation to see, of what public service can be at its ideal best: to promote justice and extend the boundaries of equality and opportunity for all citizens.

With Governor Cuomo's signature, New York State formalized marriage equality for all, regardless of color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. The law takes effect in 30 days, which means a lot of same-sex couples can start making their mark in state marriage registers as early as late July.

Here's to the LGBT community for its never-say-never struggle down a long, often tortuous road toward the most basic of human rights, the right of a person to marry and enjoy the full privileges of marriage under the law. And to those stone-hearted fools who protested the vote with chants of "USA, USA" I am reminded of a song by the great Chilean poet Violeta Parra when her country was in the grip of a brutal dictatorship. She sang despairingly that it stood "at the center of injustice." After last night's vote, "USA, USA" no longer stands at the center of injustice for millions more of its citizens.

New York's Empire State Building, below, was shining brightly in the colors of the LGBT rainbow last night.  

Are you taking notes, President Obama? 

When does "evolve" become never having to say you're sorry?

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