Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tea Party Remedial Education: Alan Simpson To Okies — HYPOCRITES!

Oklahoma isn't only one of the most conservative states in the Union — secede, why dontcha, pleeease do us a favor! — it's also the second-highest recipient of federal largesse: OUR TAX DOLLARS.* Take it from Republican Alan Simpson, former senator from Wyoming who was never known for mincing his words. I happen to know there are a lot of anti-government, Teabagger "necessary evil" types in Oklahoma. I'd say the odds are pretty good most of these Tea Party bastards are feeding off the federal government trough while railing hypocritically against government for everyone else — especially if it's people of a different color and ethnicity.

Here's the cantankerous Mr. Simpson, telling it like it is on Chris Matthews's Hardball. He must be mellowing in his old age, because he really ripped his Republican brethren a new one. Or maybe it's because the Democrats on the President's cost-cutting Commission on which Simpson served as co-chair were the most honest, reasonable, and nice to Simpson, although they did not agree with a single one of his policy prescriptions. That's how Democrats are. We're normal human beings. Those other creatures, the wingnut Republicans, well, let Mr. Simpson tell it:

*I could not independently confirm Sen. Simpson's assertion that Oklahoma is the "2nd highest state in the Union getting federal funds." The article ranks Oklahoma as no. 15 in federal tax dollars received, but it dates back to 2005. Perhaps Mr. Simpson has access to more current data. The point remains the same, if it's 2nd or 15th out of 50: Anti-government loudmouths have some nerve, eh.

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