Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quotable: World's Oldest Man Dies At 114, Left Message For GOP, Tea Party

Walter Breuning was the world's oldest man when he passed away today at 114, in Montana. Bruening, whose life spanned nearly half the life of this republic, recalled and shared the secrets of his longevity ("Never be afraid to die ... Because you're born to die") in an interview with the AP last October, in which he also said this:
"I think when Roosevelt created Social Security, he probably did the best thing for people. You hear so much about throwing Social Security out. Don't look for it. Hang on to your hat. It'll never go away."
The world's oldest man considered the signing of Social Security into law this nation's greatest achievement. Take it from someone who knew. The secret to longevity and a good life in America is to be an FDR Democrat. Walter Breuning lived the American Dream. He wasn't rich. he worked his entire life and retired in dignity, thanks to Social Security and Medicare, to pass on at the ripe old age of 114.

We should hear Walter Breuning. We should not destroy what's best about America. We should preserve and cherish it.

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