Friday, April 15, 2011

Memo To GOP Teabaggers: Today Is The FIRST Day Of The Rest Of Your Lives

ENJOY it, Kiddies!

Progressives, liberals, and Democrats will be sitting on the sidelines, eagerly awaiting the spectacle of GOP House members step up to the plate and fearfully vote


... for the Ryan budget-that-destroys-Medicare-and-throws-seniors-under-the-bus as the GINORMOUS voting bloc of senior citizens looks on across the land. Will the Teabaggers call another 200-person demonstration (covered by the Idiot Punditocracy, including sellout PBS) vs. a 100,000-person strong demonstration in Madison, Wisconsin (not covered by the Beltway Media) to try to inject some steel into quivering Republican Rep. spines? (That's their idea of infrastructure reform.)

GOOD LUCK — SUCKERS! Yer gonna need it ... Pass the popcorn, willya?

Here's the GOP/Tea Party Campaign Song for 2012:

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